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Immokalee CRA saves church $15,000 in sidewalk repairs

By its presence and advocacy for all Immokaleans, the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) recently saved $15,000 for the Immokalee Church of the Nazarene in sidewalk costs. 

The church, a long-standing and well-regarded congregation, is in the midst of a building campaign with the help of Thomas Riley Artisans Guild and what it doesn't need is an additional $15,000 tacked on top of its expansion effort. 

Through negotiation with Collier County, the Immokalee CRA was able to reduce the costs of the sidewalk improvements and work out a solution for all - without costing Imokalee or Collier County taxpayers any additional costs. 

 "On behalf of my dad, Pastor Paul, and  the Immokalee Church of the Nazarene, I thank you for taking the time to look into this for us and I also want to say thank you for your continuing effort, along with Christie (Bentancourt) and the CRA team,  to make OUR HOME (Immokalee) a better place to live," said Flavel Paul, community and church leader. "Thank you so much for your effort and commitment to the people in Immokalee. Just in case you didn’t realize it, YOU and the CRA Gang just save the church At least $ 15,000.00 by getting involved."

Immokalee CRA in disagreement with Collier County about grant fulfillment

In its July 16 edition, the Naples Daily News published a piece detailing - to some degree - a disagreement over grant funding currently being worked out between the Immokalee CRA, Collier County Department of Housing, Human & Veteran Services (HHVS) and the Collier County Clerk's Finance Department.  


The two grants, which originated at The United Stated Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but are administered locally by HHVS, were approved by Collier County and provided to the Immokalee CRA to cover operational costs associated with its Immokalee Business Development Center (IBDC) Program, which was created and managed in years past under a former CRA Director as a for its business incubator.

The IBDC served as an economic tool facilitating the growth and development of new and existing businesses in Immokalee by sponsoring business related workshops, trainings, information technology, hands-on-management assistance, education, technical support services, networking resources, and financial counseling.

What has developed is a difference of opinion about the official HUD definition of “job creation” which was a performance requirement tied to the two grants. how effective those grants were. 

No one has accused the CRA or IBDC of any wrong-doing. The substance of requests made by HHVS the county finance department to the CRA is primarily focused on specific documentation related to the outcome of the IBDC business counseling services.  

“We are still compiling the requested documentation,” explained Immokalee CRA Manager Executive Director Bradley Muckle. “Given the enormity of the task, it will require at least two weeks to produce the mountain of information requested.

“I expect it to be in the neighborhood of hundreds of pages. This is only one step in a monitoring exercise that may take months, if not years to play out, given the level of detail required to substantiate job creation on an ‘after-the-fact’ basis.”



One of Immokalee's best known packing houses FOR SALE!

It is something of an Immokalee landmark, evan among Immokalee packing houses and it's for sale: all 102,000 square feet of it at the asking price just over $4.6 million! 

The Colliers International packing house, 212 Jerome Drive (known to some as the Colliers-Noble packing house), went on the market recently and is expected to draw many interested parties. 

Naples residents (and many others) will be familiar with the property as a frequent site of Collier County's Annual Farm-City Barbeque, a traditional celebration of Collier County agricultural heritage held each Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. 

The packing house is ready to go and is strategically located within the community, very close to the Immokalee Regional Airport and all truck routes. 

It's ripening chambers have double doors for loading from the packing warehouse and unloading straight to the trucks on the outsident dock. The chambers are all climate controled to allow for flexible ripening schedules and refigeration operations. 

It has 22 refrigerated chambers with a total capacity of 66 loads, was built of steel in 1983 with a total space of 102,584 square feet and a receiving area totalling 26,220 square feet. A truck scale is on site and the plant's complete land area is just under 10 acres. 

Read more at our Immokalee CRA property listing page or contact directly at Colliers International: Jim Garinger, senior managing director and principal: 239-985-8072; or Fred Kolb, senior associate for land & industrial services, 239-985-8081. 

Infrastrucure and economic plans top "wish list" for Immokalee CRA

Expanding a strategic street, developing a community economic plan, continuing stormwater utilities and business enhancement top the tentative list of workplan goals for the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in the coming year. 

The tentative list, which will be formally approved June 18 by the CRA's citizens advisory committee, also includes a number of other community enhancements all in line with the overall goal to transform the community into a shining example of Florida in the 21st Century. 

The citizens advisory committee culled the workplan list for Fiscal Year 2014-15, which begins October 1, during a planning session earlier this month and will discuss, tweak, edit and formally adopt the workplan Wednesday when it meets at 8:30 a.m. at the CareerSource Southwest Florida center (the One-Stop Shop), 750 South 5th Street. 

The meeting is free and open to the public, as are all Immokalee CRA citizens advisory committee meetings. 

Here is the complete priority list: 

  • Little League Extension (extend to State Road 82) 
  •  Develop a written Immokalee Economic Development Plan 
  •  Continue to invest in supporting infrastructure; utilities, stormwater, etc. 
  •  Create Welcome Center with Chamber, etc on Main Street with business focus 
  •  Coordinate with Code Enforcement to eliminate unsafe or unsanitary housing/business 
  •  Continue to improve and maintain street lighting 
  •  Examine possibilities for expedited construction of Loop Road 
  •  Review roadway plans, identify existing conflicts, and roadway and design deficiencies 
  •  Promote and foster leadership via training and partnerships 
  •  Advocate for expansion of medical services including a Urgent Care Center 
  •  Evaluate opportunities to purchase/revitalization of foreclosed or distressed properties. 
  •  Develop Immokalee Leaders 
  •  Partner with Collier County and Big Cypress Basin to improve water management in Immokalee 
  •  Implement Public Realm Plan 
  •  Remove or rehabilitate substandard buildings on Main Street


The priorities, once formally adopted will help give the CRA staff a clear direction in the coming year and sets priorities for the allocation of staff time and the CRA budget. 


First Street Zocalo opens to the public!!

Immokalee's newest landmark - and gathering place for the community - was formally opened to the public May 20 with lively festivities, honored guests and plenty of music and food - Immokalee style!! 

The Immokalee First Street Plaza - or Zocalo - is now part of the community. 

zo·ca·lo  (s?′kä-l?′)n. pl. zo·ca·los A town square or plaza, especially in Mexico.

Collier County Commissioner Tim Nance was on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremonies and the crowd was entertained by the Immokalee High School Drum Line and band, the Immokalee Community School Dirty Orchestra by Black Violin and the tropical beats of Caribbean Groove. 

Together with a future companion gathering spot at Main and 9th Street, the plazas will serve as linchpins of the Immokalee Public Realm Plan which won the 2010 Award of Merit from the Florida Planning & Zoning Association.

Collier County Commissioners approved the purchase of the two lots at the corner of Immokalee's First Street and Main Street in 2012 and awarded the First Street Plaza design contract to Naples architect David Corban in January 2013. Surety Construction Company built the plaza. The park's landscape was designed by renowned landscape architect Ellen Goetz.

First Street Zocalo to formally open May 20!

The new Immokalee landmark - the First Street Zocalo - is finished and will formally open May 20! 

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for 10 a.m. and it will be a big day in the little community that styles itself as, "Florida's 21st Century!" 

Festivities will include music, food and a big Immokalee-style party!!

The plaza is the latest project to be finished by the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and represents a significant milestone toward moving the community forward. 

Together with a future companion gathering spot at Main and 9th Street, the plazas will serve as linchpins of the Immokalee Public Realm Plan which won the 2010 Award of Merit from the Florida Planning & Zoning Association.

Collier County Commissioners approved the purchase of the two lots at the corner of Immokalee's First Street and Main Street in 2012 and awarded the First Street Plaza design contract to Naples architect David Corban in January 2013. Surety Construction Company built the plaza. The park's landscape was designed by renowned landscape architect Ellen Goetz.

In addition to a community gathering and celebration spot, the zocalo will also serve as a warm, new "Welcome" sign to Immokalee's visitors arriving from the south and east. 

A year in review: The Immokalee CRA and Collier County Comissioners

It's an annual exercise for the visionaries of the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to sit down with Collier County lawmakers to review the past year and look forward to coming years. 

The 2014 review is set for May 6, at 1 p.m., in the Collier County Commission chambers on the 3rd Floor of the Harmon W. Turner Administration Building on the Collier County Government campus in East Naples. 

While the month to month work of the Immokalee CRA is carried out by a capable community advisory committee of Immokaleans and the enthusiastic, effective CRA staff, the Collier County Commission is by statute the official board of directors of the Immokalee CRA. 

The annual review is an opportunity for the entire cast of decision and policy makers to sit down, look back over the past year and plan for the future. The May 6th workshop is open to the public and Immokaleans are encouraged to attend. 

CRAs are designed to breathe new life into areas in need of revitalization and economic development and provide communities with a better economy through improved infrastructure, job opportunities and housing.

Redevelopment activities retain and create jobs. They increase business opportunities for residents, merchants and investors. They provide local jobs through construction, planning, operations and business – both new and existing.

CRAs assist established business owners through improvement programs such as façade grants, streetscaping, lighting, parking and signage. The Immokalee CRA also builds infrastructure such as stormwater facilities to reduce pollutants in runoff which can threaten drinking water supplies, recreation and wildlife. 

Redevelopment implements stormwater safety by improving site designs, preserving natural drainage systems, enhancing water quality and preventing future flood damage.

The Immokalee CRA also works to improve housing, safety, streetscapes, parks & recreation, green initiatives and more. 

Read more about specific projects of the Immokalee CRA, its leaders and staff and incentives it offers for new and existing businesses.


Ready.Community training for Immokalee: storm disaster resilience

Hurricane season is just around the corner and Immokalee is getting ready with Ready.Community storm resilience and preparation training: beginning May 1. 

The training is organized and coordinated by the Immokalee Fire Control District and the University of Florida Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) in Collier County and is geared toward developing a community response tream to coordinate resilience and recovery from a hurricane or other natural disaster. 

The training is free but registration is encouraged through a page set up on Event Brite. Each session will take place at the Immokalee Fire Station and run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each Thursday. 

Sure, training is a 3-hour time commitment each Thursday, begining May and running through June 26, but the effort will ensure Immokalee is ready and able to respond should a storm hit or other natural disaster threaten the safety and welfare of the community. 

Attendance at each session is required to recieve the Ready.Community certification. 

Together, trainees will form a collaborateve community planning team which will develop skills and strategies necessary to understand the threat faced by the community, determine goals and actions in response to the threat, develop the plan of response action and implement the plan should a storm or natural disaster hit. 

The effort is part of the long-standing Community Emergency Response Team operating in Immokalee for a number of years. 

Questions about the program and the training can be answered through a link at the bottom of the training registration page at Event Brite


Walmart Superstore to open in Immokalee - maybe by Fall 2015

Officials of the Barron Collier Companies and Walmart confirmed April 11 what speculation has suggested for months: a Walmart will anchor the northern edge of Immokalee and could open as early as Autumn 2015. 

The store will be a 150,000-square-foot SuperCenter with full service grocery and pharmacy. There is nothing in the current plan that suggests gasoline service will be available at the site, to be built on 25 acres at the northwest corner of Westclox Drive and State Road 29 across from the Isabel Collier Reid Medical Center campus.

Walmart officials said the store will bring to Immokalee between 300 and 350 new jobs, part-time and full time and pay an average of $12.99 per hour. They also said benefits will be included in the pay package for both part-time and full time employees. They did not spell out the benefits package. Assuming Collier County grants the necessary permits for the store's construction, building could begin as early as Fall 2014 and be completed within 12 months.  

Barron Collier Investments, a subdivision of the Barron Collier Companies, applied to Collier County's Growth Management Division, specifically its Planning and Zoning Department, for a zoning change that will allow the store's construction. Rumors had been rampant for months the store would be a Walmart. 

Specifically, the Barron Collier zoning change requested would expand across SR 29 a commercial district now on the east side of SR 29 to include the 25 acres north of Westclox.  

UPDATE, April 29: The Collier County Planning Commission unanimously approved the requested zoning change for the Walmart store. It will next go before the Collier County Commission for final approval. 



"Loop Road" route all but finally decided

When one day - still several years away - a road is built to carry heavy truck traffic away from Immokalee's downtown, it won't be too far away. 

It's a very safe bet, at this point in the process, the so-called "loop road" truck route alternative, will connect State with Road 29 at the southwest corner of the Immokalee Regional Airport and again just north of New Market Road. The alternatives for the route have been significant reduced and the most likely route will take the truck route through the commercial portion of New Market Road, as a widened roadway, jutting to the northeast just south of the residential area of New Market Road. The roadway would parallel New Market to the northeast of the residential section connecting once again to S.R. 29 north of New Market, north of Westclox Avenue. 

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) held a public workshop on the proposed road's alternative routes in Immokalee on April 3. If you're a digital subsriber to the Naples Daily News you can read coverage of the public workshop here

The Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency's citizens advisory committee received an update on the project February 19th in its regular monthly session. 

The so-called, "loop road," to skirt Immokalee - or perhaps connect into its center - will be an essential trade route for the town and, especially, for the airport. 

A precise source of funding for the project has yet to be decided and its eventual construction will depend heavily on a list of roadway priorities established by the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Council, an inter-governmental advisory which advices Collier County commissioners on major transportation issues. 

The FDOT maintains a website about the proposed project and updates that website as needed.